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Message from the President

In October 2013, Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corporation ("TIPS") merged with Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corporation to combine their expertise in manufacturing, technologies, sales and services.

TIPS has been highly appreciated by its customers for providing industrial components, including motors with which it has over a century of experience, as well as inverters, transformers and power distribution equipment.

Its portfolio of products and services covers various types of production equipment, labor-saving, energy-saving and environmentally friendly systems, and social infrastructure facilities.

To meet customer expectations, TIPS will continue to provide excellent solutions for various fields of manufacturing that are rapidly changing, such as energy management which includes the production, transmission, distribution, storage and consumption of electricity.

Furthermore, TIPS stands ready to serve as a trusted global partner if you wish to increase your global business presence.

I would appreciate your continued support and patronage.

Yoichi Ibi
President & CEO

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