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Various options for drives


Panels : remote control

Panels for remote control include LED display, RUN/STOP Key, UP/DOWN Key, MODE Key, ENT Key, EASY Key.

Network options : various networks available

RS485 (Modbus®RTU/TOSHIBA), PROFINET®, DeviceNetTM, PROFIBUS®-DP, EtherCAT®, CANopen®,CC-Link®, LONWORKS®, BACnet®, Metasys®N2, APOGEE®FLN

Multi-loader : mobile parameter writer

Multi loader integrates parameter writer that can transfer configuration files to VFD. With multi loader you can set the parameter without connecting VFD to power source.

AC reactor : suppress harmonics, improve power factor

To suppress harmonics, placing drives on the side of power supply is recommended. Please place it if power (kVA) is 500 and it's more than 10 times as VFD power. It protects VFD from surge of some devices such as thyristor.

DC reactor : suppress harmonics, improve power factor

Please place it on the DC terminal to suppress harmonics. Please place it if power (kVA) is 500 and it's more than 10 times as inverter power.

EMC noise filter (LC filter) : reduce noise

High damping NF style: Place on the power side; RCL style Noise Filter: Place on the power side; Zero-phase reactor RC style: Can be placed on both power side and output side. Two types depending on power size.

Braking resister : increase braking force

Breaking resister can increase the VFD's braking torque for deceleration of the motors. It is best suited if motors need to do rapid deceleration or often stop operating.

PWM Converter SC7: reduce harmonics

The SC7 can greatly reduce harmonics on the power side amd assure the operations at high power factor.

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