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High efficiency / Premium efficiency motors for China

Efficiency grade GB3 / GB2 Motors

High efficiency motor, grade GB3 according to GB18613-2012

China had enforced the regulation which the general purpose motors shipped to Chinese market should be required high efficiency level of grade GB3 (GB18613-2012), equivalent to class IE2 (IEC60034-30), in September 2012.
Toshiba is acquired the certification of motor high efficiency grade GB3 in September 2012, and shipping to Chinese market so far.

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Leleased Premium efficiency motor,
grade GB2 according to GB18613-2012

On the other hand, the standard(GB18613-2012) has being stated to shift the regulation to grade GB2, equivalent to class IE3 (IEC60034-30), step by step as follows at the same time.

7.5 to 375 kW from Sep. 2016
0.75 to 375 kW from Sep. 2017

This time Toshiba preceded in the coming into enforcing time and acquired certification of motor premium efficiency grade GB2 in March 2016.

(Grade GB2 Motor)

(Grade GB3 certification label)

(Grade GB2 certification label)


  • 2-Pole at 0.75 to 55 kW
  • 4-Pole at 0.75 to 55 kW
  • 6-Pole at 0.75 to 46 kW

Voltage - Frequency

  • 380 V - 50 Hz

Frame size

  • 80M to 225S


  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Time Rating

  • S1(Continuous)

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