Large capacity, energy saving for fan and pump applications


Dedicated functions for fan and pump.

Bumpless transfer: switches operation smoothly between Local Mode and Remote Mode.

Fire control mode: forcibly makes the motor keep operating at the preset speed in an emergency condition.

Sleep mode: automatically stops operating at lower operating condition than the minimum limit.

Improvement of energy saving effects.

The VF-PS1 has the advanced energy-saving mode, which maximizes efficiency of the motors and increases fan and pump efficiency even at low speed. *The efficiency of induction motors is normally down at low speed.

Simple set-up with Easy Key.

The Easy Key provides quick access to up to 32 frequently-used parameters (Easy Mode).

High frequency noise suppression, harmonic suppression.

The built-in EMC filters and DC reactors suppress drastically high-frequency noise and harmonics, and improve power factor.

Power Ratings

  • Three phase 200 V at 0.4 to 90 kW
  • Three phase 400 V at 0.75 to 630 kW

Frequency Range

  • 0.01 to 500 Hz

Overload Rating

  • 120% for 60 seconds


  • IP20

Filter for Noise Suppression

  • 200 V at 0.4 to 7.5 kW: Built-in EMC filter.
  • 200 V at 11 kW and above: Optional.
  • 400 V All models: Built-in EMC filter.

*The EMC filter complies with the European EMC Directive.

Reactor for Harmonic Suppression

  • 200 V at 11 to 45 kW: Built-in DC reactor.
  • 400 V at 18.5 to 75 kW: Built-in DC reactor.
  • Other range: Optional

*The DC reactror meets IEC harmonic standards.


  • Standard: RS485 (Modbus RTU / TOSHIBA) Two-Wire / Four-Wire
  • Optional: CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, LONWORKS, BACnet, Metasys N2, APOGEE FLN


  • CE, UL, CSA, SEMI F47

Applications (Motor Types: Induction motors)

  • Fans and Pumps.

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