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Slim shape body, multi-function for various applications


Slim shape body

The slim design VF-MB1 fit to the limited space and it can minimize the total machine spaces.

- Side-by-side installation
- Flat Mounting Installation

Flexible operation

Flexible interface and improvement of a network communication can easily modify to arrange the wide range of application.

- Simple Panel

"Turn and Push" setting dial
RUN and STOP keys

- Extensive communications

- Dual rating

Two types of rating can drive variable torque and constant torque applications with minimal drive size.

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Advanced motor drive

The VF-MB1 controls not only 3-phase induction motors (Standard, High efficiency motor), but also Interior Permanent Magnetic Motor (IPM) and Surface Permanent Magnetic Motor (SPM) for high efficiency, high torque, energy saving, downsizing and lightening.

Power Ratings

  • Single phase 240 V at 0.2 to 2.2 kW
  • Three phase 500 V at 0.4 to 15 kW

Frequency Range

  • 0.1 to 500 Hz

Overload Rating

  • 150% for 60 seconds

Degree of Protection

  • IP20

Filter for Noise Reduction

  • All models: Built-in EMC filter.

*The EMC filter complies with the European EMC Directive.


  • Standard: RS485 and CANopen®
  • Optional: EtherNet/IPTM-Modbus®TCP, PROFIBUS®DP, DeviceNetTM, EtherCAT®


  • CE, UL, CSA

Application Examples

  • Elevator, lifting, conveyor, food & beverage processing, material handling, machine tool and various applications