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Premium efficiency motors for China

Efficiency grade GB2 Motors

Premium efficiency motor, grade GB2 according to GB18613-2012

China had enforced the regulation which the general purpose motors shipped to Chinese market should be required high efficiency level of grade GB2 (GB18613-2012), equivalent to class IE3 (IEC60034-30), in September 2017.

Grade GB2 Certificate Label

*In case of purchasing Efficiency grade GB2 motors in China, please contact our group company Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems (Shanghai) Corporation.

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  • 2-Pole at 0.75 to 55 kW
  • 4-Pole at 0.75 to 55 kW
  • 6-Pole at 0.75 to 46 kW

Voltage - Frequency

  • 380 V - 50 Hz

Frame size

  • 80M to 225S


  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Time Rating

  • S1(Continuous)

* Please contact us for more information.