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Find Sales & Service Offices

Our partners around the world can provide the products, from their stocks directly.

Toshiba motors and variable speed drives sold in glabal markets are produced by our manufacturers compling with international standards and high-efficiency legislation. Drawing on a network of global resources, TIPS provides reliable service that will satisfy various needs of customers operating worldwide.


Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems (Shanghai) CorporationNew Window

Address: Room 506, No.268, Xizang Road(M), Shanghai, P.R.CHINA, 200001

Tel: +86-21-63613300 Fax: +86-21-63731760



Toshiba International Corporation Pty LtdNew Window

Address: 11A Gibbon Rd, Winston Hills, NSW, 2153, AUSTRALIA

Tel: +61-2-8867-6200



Toshiba International CorporationNew Window

Address: 13131 West Little York Road, Houston, TX 77041, USA

Tel: +1-713-466-0277 Fax: +1-713-466-8773


List of Authorized Distributors in Europe